Finally A New Photo!

2013-01-20 19:41:47 by ChroniusNightmare

I think it's about time I weaseled out my real self. So now I've got an actual pic of me on here. It's a good change. I had a feeling people were getting bored of the "Geasel" I had up for the past 2 years. So this is me, working on my music using one program, two ears, and an imagination.

Song Ideas Anyone?

2012-10-04 04:03:15 by ChroniusNightmare

Got a neat song idea you want to be heard? Just leave a comment and I'll get working on it (within my capabilities) in dedication of your continued support and passion for my music. I'll give credit of course to the people giving the ideas, so don't be shy (as long as it's appropriate).

The Beginning of the Music of the Book

2012-06-10 16:10:01 by ChroniusNightmare

Hey everyone!

I've recently thinking about making music about events that happen in a book that I began writing over 6 years ago. I'm a procrastinator, that's why I haven't finished it yet, and the fact that I haven't a clue as to finish it. Now, the reason why I've decided to make music for something that's not done its self is because rather than just make up random bits of stuff that people can just listen to, I decided to give my musical talents some meaning. I'm more than able to do that. You all know this as well.

I've uploaded a couple chapters up on a site called wattpad if anyone's interesting in dipping into what I've been writing about. The book is called Demon Hearts Hatred's Omen. That you can Google search.



Hey peeps!

It has been some time since I last put up a post. Well, as of late, I have been experimenting a lot on some new material that I will eventually have up here. Mostly trying to get into the dubstep but it's turning out to be a lot harder to do it by myself with no method, but I'll figure it out, eventually, as I have for the rest of the material I've submitted.
I've also gone and thought up a new TV show idea that will maybe one day find its way to the screens. I'm not gonna give too much of the details but I can assure you that no one has come up with this idea before now. Though I guess I can give a hint for what's in it. It has a large quantity of magic in it, suspense, redemption, and probably best suited as an anime. I'll leave it at that.

Until then, cheers and continue to enjoy what I dish out! :)

New Display Pic

2011-11-22 11:22:44 by ChroniusNightmare

In case you haven't already noticed I switched pics from the Cerberus, to this little horned creature. Now, the reason I put it up is because I was looking for an animal that best describes me, and I found out that I'm best for either a mountain goat or a weasel. So instead of picking either one, I decided to mash them together and made a "Geasel" (a weasel with horns :D). Tell me what you think of it.

Another year gone 'round and almost time for the spookiest holiday of all time. Just thought I'd make an up-to-date post and wondered what everyone will be doing for this Halloween. I know that I haven't been uploading any music, but there will be some soon, that I can undoubtedly say. As for my next subject to music, I've also procrastinated with making some novels. A couple chapters are available to read via through wattpad under the title; "Demon Hearts - Hatred's Omen". I also have some other chapters that I will be uploading there as well, for other books that I've started. So yea, stay tuned to find out more, (even if it is all procrastinating in process).

Bass covers

2011-09-15 02:52:34 by ChroniusNightmare

I've also been working on bass covers on my youtube channel (Victronasaurus). Come check em out. I can use some requests for my next covers so feel free to ask. My next cover will be, "Through the Fire and the Flames" by Dragonforce.

I've been working on some songs during that five month period and will be uploading some shortly. I've already started to add some to NG and people seem to be enjoying them. So thanks for giving my music a chance and surely enough there will be new ones on the way. *Also if anyone plays League of Legends, feel free to friend me under MiniardDuart. Also for anyone who plays Maple Story can add me to their buddy list through my marauder; Marracyde, under Mardia server.*


2011-07-29 22:11:51 by ChroniusNightmare

It's been five months since I created this account, I think it's about time I submitted something to it. I'm most interested in making some music and adding it up on here, just to see where that goes.