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Lyricist (Team R) Lyricist (Team R)

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I see. So this is the sort of song. I think I do something with this.

Boomstick Boomstick

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Evil Dead 2 and 3. Good movies and great song!

High High

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It's got that Nine Inch Nails feel, but good job.

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DenX - Fortis Verbi (New) DenX - Fortis Verbi (New)

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Awesome song dude.
I was wondering what program(s) you used to make this.

lhceist41 responds:

Thanks for your review!

Used the same Programs and Settings as usual:

I use Superior Drummer from Toontrack
usually Machine Head Kick or Devildriver Kick
Everything else almost not sampled

EWQLSO Silver for the pianos.
EWQLSO Gold for the orchestras.

You can read the whole News-Entry about my Equipment and Settings here:

Any Questions? Just ask ;)